Theatre Summer School

We joined to “Theatre Summer School” as a lecturer at the Kultur University in Istanbul which is organized by International Theatre Institute and UNESCO. And we shared our knowledge about making Karagoz shadow puppets and playing Karagoz.

International Theatre Institute (ITI)
World Organization For The Performing Arts

International Theatre Summer School Within The Project
Stars And Acrobats – Forms Of Theatre Between Turkey And EU

The International Theatre Summer School is part of the project “storis of stars and acrobats – forms of theatre between Turkey and Eu. Carried out by the directorate general of the International Theatre Institute (Based at Unesco, France), in partnership with the Turkish centr of ITI (Turkey) and Form360 (Italy), and in collobration with the University of Salento (Italy) ans Astragali Teatro (Italy). The project is co-funded by the European Union and th Goverment of The Republic of Turkey within the framework of the programme “Th civil society facility – Eu – Turkey intercultural dialouge”.

Summer School Trainer Profiles – Pdf

Schedule of activities – Pdf

Theatre summer school
Theatre summer school
Theatre summer school
Theatre summer school
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Theatre summer school
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