Hand Puppets Links

Animals Several printable patterns for kids to make hand puppets

Stuffed Animal Puppet Stuffed Porcupine Hand Puppet

Birds Toucan, ostrich, flamingo, peacock, swan, woodpecker family, eagle

Books For Children So many books about hand puppets

What is a puppet Explains about puppets

Chewbacca Very nice marionette

From Taiwan Culture High drama with a slight of the hand

Gallery Big archive

www.funpic.hu Very nice pictures)) maybe glove..

How to Make How to Make hand puppet

Made Easy Patterns Materials

Make Yourself Make yourself marionettes costumes

Paper Hand Paperhand intervention

www.dltk-kids.com Paper bag frog puppet

Sale Gallery You can buy inexpensive hand puppets

Sea side Fishes

Susan Cain Individually handcrafted cloth marionettes by artist Susan Cain

Turtles Turtles

Wikipedia Encyclopaedia

www.eduplace.com Hand puppets for all ages

Hand Puppets Sesame Street hand puppets

Folkmanis Puppets Bear, Owl, Rabbit, Butterfly, Raccoon and the others

Puppet Shadow Puppets

www.carranzapuppets.com Carranza Puppets

www.beactivekids.org Be Active Kids

www.magpiepuppets.com Magpie Puppets

www.mimismotifs.com Mimi’s Motifs Hand Puppets

Your Web Site here, if you have a Hand Puppets web site please let us know and we add your link here

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